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Our Compensation

We are compensated in 3 separate and distinct ways


To retain our advice-driven services, we charge a planning fee to develop a personalized financial plan. This fee is payable upfront when you ask us to begin our work. It covers the creation of your financial plan. In addition, we provide a year’s worth of implementation assistance.

At the end of the year, we will sit down together and determine what work, if any, needs to be done on an ongoing basis. Since most of our clients do choose to update their planning on an annual basis, we will quote our renewal fee at that time based upon the level of work you choose to have done. Our ultimate goal is to establish long-term working relationships through multiple generations with our clients by keeping your plan current and relevant.


As a result of our planning process, if we agree that an investment or insurance product is an appropriate part of implementing your plan you can choose to have us represent you in the insurance and investment marketplaces. We have access to major companies in the industry and will assist you in finding quality products that meet your objectives, needs and risk tolerance. Most importantly, we will help ensure that the products complement your planning. We do earn a portion of the fee charged to manage investments or get paid a commission already built into certain investment and insurance products.

If you are a business owner who desires to sell, we have access to unaffiliated third parties with Merger & Acquisition firms to execute appropriate transactions. We share in a finder’s fee or success fee if you elect to use one of the firms.


The highest form of a compliment that you can give a person in our profession is an introduction to someone that you would like to see benefit from our services. It shows your trust and confidence in us and your willingness to share that with others. Not only will you be helping us expand our business, but more importantly, you may be helping those you introduce to us.

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